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FLARE ALERT has many benefits and features that make them much better. 

 For further information and pricing call (800)-800-2770

Visi-Flare-WP is a emergency strobe beacon, that opperates on two "D" cell batteries up to 16 hours.   Visi-Flare-WP is visible up to two miles and is watertight up to 330 Ft.   Optional accessories are Roadside Base, Suction Cup Base and a Spike Base. There are optional colored lenses Red, Green, Blue and Clear. This multi-purpose Visi-Flare-WP meets all MUTCD standards with a flash rate of 60-75 flashes per minute.

For further information and pricing call (800)-800-2770


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The VISI-FLARE™ battery operated strobe light is built with the professional in mind. Built like a tool, not like a toy, the VISI-FLARE™ products keep you safe in the harshest conditions. A hard drop on pavement, heavy rain, snow, sleet, ice and extended use are no match for the VISI-FLARE™'s durable construction. 

The VISI-FLARE™'s hermetically-sealed Xenon "U" Tube technology provides unmatched omni-directional light output, day or night. With a true two-mile visibility, the VISI-FLARE™ crushes claims made by weak uni-directional LED light sources.

With two VISI-FLARE™ models, an Infrared package, many purchasing options including complete kits, and detachable bases for nearly every application, the VISI-FLARE™ has you covered in every situation.

VISI-FLARE™ products are competitively priced to save you money. See our Cost Comparison Study - the numbers can't lie. Average professional use of the VISI-FLARE™ saves 78% over the cost of regular 30-minute strike flares. Switching from standard incendiary strike flares to the VISI-FLARE™ saves valuable funds.

The VISI-FLARE™ is not a one-application tool. Where safety is a concern, the VISI-FLARE™ is your constant companion.visi-005.jpg (33339 bytes)

  • Roadside Safety

  • Roadside Visibility

  • Traffic Control

  • Utility Line Crew Safety

  • Use in Conjunction With a Traffic Cone (on top of or under)

The VISI-FLARE™ eliminates common concerns associated with pyrotechnic strike flares. Gone are concerns of storage, shelf life, and dangerous burns in the line of duty. Help the environment by not polluting the atmosphere with toxic gases emitted by strike flares, and exposing dry landscapes to the threat of wild fires. The VISI-FLARE™ eliminates the need for concern when dealing with exposed fuels and heath concerns due to extended exposure to ignited strike flare fumes, all while offering increased safety.

Safer and Less expensive to use than standard strike flares. 
Meets MUTCD standard with a rate of 60-75 flashes per minute 
Lens, body and control module: High impact Plastic 
High Visibility 
Replaceable Parts 
Standard lens color options 
Battery life: 8 hrs. With 2 "C" cells (10 @ reduced flash rate) 
Durable and dependable weatherproof design

Housing: Material- ABS 
Lens: Material- Polycarbonate 
Length: approximately 10.75" 
Width: approximately 1.5" 
Power: 3 Volts 
Light Source: Xenon "U" Tube 
Battery Life: 2 "C" Cell Duracell Procell Batteries at 70 Degrees F.
a. "C" Cell- approximately 8 Hours at a minimum of 65 flashes per minute. 10 hours at reduced flash rate. 
Recommended Battery: Duracell Procell 
Flash Rate: 60-75 flashes per minute 
Light Output: 30 Candela 
Visibility: Up to 2 miles 


Interchangeable base for all available VISI-FLARE™ models   Well-weighted base design ensures flares won't get blown over by heavy winds or traffic  Road side base units are designed sackable- more gear; less space.   Base Material- polycarbonate   Base weight- approx. 16 ounces (1 pound)

Interchangeable base for all available VISI-FLARE™ models Applies to smooth surfaces with ease  Convenient pull-tab allows for fast suction cup removal  Ideal for attaching VISI-FLARE™s to the side of a vehicle for well-positioned illumination  Base Material- rubber compound

Interchangeable base for all available VISI-FLARE™ models  Combination spike-base and door chock Spike base anchors VISI-FLARE™ securely in earth and turf   Base Material- polycarbonate


 VISI-FLARE™ product package, available stocked with 8.1 or WP product models 
Contains two (2) VISI-FLARE™s, two (2) road side bases, and a reusable clamshell blister pack 
The 2 Pack is retail/storage ready with standard peg-slots and a upright-standing package design. 
The 2 Pack is perfect for the safety-minded individual who wants the functionality of the VISI-FLARE™ products in one compact package.

Each 2 Pack Contains: 
2 VISI-FLARE™s (either 8.1 or WP model) of same lens color 
2 VISI-FLARE™ road side bases 
1 Reusable clamshell blisterpack 

VISI-FLARE™ complete tool kit-- designed with the needs of the professional in mind.  Contains eight (8) VISI-FLARE™ WP units, eight (8) road side bases, two (2) suction cup bases and two (4) spike bases, all stored in a rugged waterproof case.   A robust package ideal for the safety needs of the hard-working professional

Each 8 Piece Kit Contains: 
8 VISI-FLARE™ WP units of the same lens color 
8 VISI-FLARE™ road side bases 
2 VISI-FLARE™ suction cup bases 
4 VISI-FLARE™ spike bases 
1 rugged waterproof storage case

The compact, rapid deployment case for VISI-FLARE™s and accessories  Durable nylon construction ensures years of dependable use  Shoulder strap, handle, and easy-access product compartments make transporting and applying VISI-FLARE™ units and accessories easy.  
The SoftPak™ holds up to: 6 VISI-FLARE™ units, 6 VISI-FLARE™ road side bases, 5 VISI-FLARE™ Spock™ bases, 1 VISI-FLARE™ suction cup base

Accessory for VISI-FLARE™ WP and Stealth models  "C" cell adapter allows the use of "C" cell batteries in the "D" cell battery compartment found in the VISI-FLARE™ WP and Stealth units.  This accessory is ideal for the user seeking maximum powering flexibility; or for the organization/individual who wants the functionality of the WP and Stealth units, while using "C" cell batteries.   "C" cell adapter fits conveniently in existing "D" cell battery compartments found on VISI-FLARE™ WP and Stealth models "C" cell adapter is easy to remove- switch between using "C" and "D" cells as needed.



Product Specifications: LONG ARM™ RI-1800

A. Light Output 
Brightness: 1800 Lumens ( 6 Million “True” Candle Power)
Visibility: Will illuminate objects over _ of a mile away.
Light Quality: METAL HALIDE ARC LAMP produces a complete white light with a blue light shift.
Life: Life expectancy of the bulb is estimated at 800 hours of operation. 

B. Battery
Battery Type: 4 Amp / Hour, Nickel Metal Hydride
Memory: NONE
Charges: Battery can be charged roughly 500 times.
Casing: Polycarbonate encased with front shock absorbers for durability both inside and outside of searchlight.
Connectors: Corrosion resistant tin over nickel connectors.
Fuse System: Dual Thermocouple Fuse System (automatically resetting)
1. Over charge fuse stops battery from degrading under faulty charge cycle.
2. Smart safety fuse senses short circuit or rapid discharge to prevent user harm or product damage.
Run Cycle: High / Low Setting- 3.5 hours on a full charge
Charging Cycle: Approximately 12 hours

C. Circuitry 
Casing: Completely potted in thermal conductive epoxy. Impervious to liquid, moisture or handling.
Wiring: Output wiring is flexible high temperature wire (200 Degrees Celsius) with wear guard covering and strain relief.
Switch: On / Off Reed switch is encased in epoxy. NON MECHANICAL SWITCH.
Circuit: Smart safety circuit senses lack of electrical load or overload and will shut down the operating system to prevent user harm or product damage. Smart safety circuit senses bulb temperature allowing for proper ignition timing without lamp degradation.
Connectors: Input connectors are solid machined metal for durability and tin over nickel-plated for corrosion resistance.

D. Body Material:  Body
Solid Polycarbonate with wall thickness up to 0.450”. 
UV Stabilized. 
Extremely shock and wear resistant. 
Nitrile rubber 
Heat, water and solvent resistant 
Body Material: Metal: 
All metal components are made of high quality brushed Stainless Steel.
Weight: 7.4 lbs 

E. Lens and Seals
Lens: 0.300” thick tempered glass is chip and shatterproof. 
Seals: All seals are made from high temperature silicone and are abrasion resistant. 

Designed for high performance and simple maintenance, all 670 Visi-Flash® warning lights feature a unique Snap-Grip® lens, rugged high-impact housings, and solid state electronics. Visi-Flash® warning lights meet or exceed all federal and state lens specifications well as MUTCD standards. Tamper-proof mounting bolt, bolt wrench, and switch key included. Model numbers 214-70302 (6 Volt) and 214-70502 (12 Volt) offer dual function switch for flashing and steady burn options. Dimensions: 12 _” High, 7 _” Wide, 4” Deep. 

12 Volt: Model # 214-70400, 214-70500, 214-70502 
Effective Intensity (section 5.10 of the ITE standard): 4.55 Candelas 
Flash rate (per minute) 65 flashes/min. 
“Peak Level” light intensity on-time: 10.2% 
Retro-reflector (foot candle output): 26 candela / foot candles 
Battery life (2 spring top “lantern style” 6V batteries): 560 hours 

6 Volt: Model # 214-70200, 214-70300, 214-70302 
Effective Intensity (section 5.10 of the ITE standard): 2.10 Candelas 
Flash rate (per minute): 65 flashes/min. 
“Peak Level” light intensity on-time: 12.7% 
Retro-reflector (foot candle output): 20 candela / foot candles 
Battery life (2 spring top “lantern style” 6V batteries): 1280 hours 



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