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Coast CATV Equipment Supply, Inc.    
 314 Elizabeth Lane     Corona, CA 92880
Tel: (814) 883-7492    email:


NEW:  Read about the Radius Lighting Products:

2 in 1 traffic Batons      

   3 in 1 Light Sticks 

Radius Lighting Part Numbers.pdf

Flare Alert LED Flares

The FlareAlert is an all-purpose LED emergency beacon 
for use during emergencies or hazardous situations.

•  contain super bright LEDs
•  require AA alkaline batteries to operate
•  are visible for miles from the ground and air
•  require NO tools to change batteries
•  magnetic back for easy adaptation 

The FlareAlert system is considered an essential piece of equipment by hundreds of police and fire departments around the world.
Click Link to See Product Literature: 
Flare Alert Product Literature.pdf

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There are many reasons to use the FlareAlert system. 

Yellow Beacon Cropped.jpg (192180 bytes)
#1: Safety
unlike strike flares, the FlareAlert is safe to use in any situation. It won’t burn the user, start fires, damage expensive equipment, or release harmful fumes.

Yellow Beacon Cropped.jpg (192180 bytes)
#2: Economics
the FlareAlert is a reusable emergency beacon that could literally last for years. The FlareAlert provides 20 hours of light for only $2.00 ($0.50 per AA battery). 20 hours of light using a strike flare would cost $80.00 or more ($1.00 per 15-min flare). 

Yellow Beacon Cropped.jpg (192180 bytes)
#3: Versatility
the FlareAlert is versatile; it serves as a emergency signal in literally any situation.  Use the Cone Adaptor to secure it to a traffic cone. The Weighted Base accessory can be used to mark a landing zone. The magnetic base inside the FlareAlert allows it to be placed on the side of a vehicle.


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The FlareAlert will save you money.
Iit is reusable, the FlareAlert pays for itself in only 4.5 hours of use!!!!
Savings after the initial 4.5 hours of use are substantial.
See More about:  Flare AlertEconomics. PDF  

Specs for FlareAlert Beacon Pro

Brightness 220 Lumans
Crush Resistance 22,000 pound vehicle
Modes/Functions Double Flash or Steady
Battery Size 4 AA alkaline
Battery Life 30 Hours Flash  10 Hours Steady

3.75’’ x 3.75’’ x 1.75’’   8oz (with 4 batteries)

Colors Available

red, yellow, blue, green, white

Flare Alert Storage Bags
  Universal Cone Adapter.jpg (126620 bytes)  Beacons and CA.2.jpg (335093 bytes) beacon and  WB.2.jpg (430669 bytes)
Flare Alert Cone Adaptor.pdf
See More information:  Flare Alert Product Literature.pdf  
Flare Alert Part Numbers.pdf
Flare Alert Super Magnet.pdf


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