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FLARE ALERT has many benefits and features that make them much better. 

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  • Safer and Less expensive to use than standard strike flares.
  • Meets MUTCD standard with a rate of 60-75 flashes per minute
  • Lens, body and control module: High impact Plastic
  • High Visibility
  • Replaceable Parts
  • Standard Reva lens color options
  • Battery life: 8 hrs. With 2 "C" cells (10 @ reduced flash rate)
  • Durable and dependable weatherproof design
    • Housing: Material- ABS
    • Lens: Material- Polycarbonate
    • Length: approximately 10.75"
    • Width: approximately 1.5"
    • Power: 3 Volts
    • Light Source: Xenon "U" Tube
    • Battery Life: 2 "C" Cell Duracell Procell Batteries at 70 Degrees F.
      a. "C" Cell- approximately 8 Hours at a minimum of 65 flashes per minute. 10 hours at reduced flash rate.
    • Recommended Battery: Duracell Procell
    • Flash Rate: 60-75 flashes per minute
    • Light Output: 30 Candela
    • Visibility: Up to 2 miles




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