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Underground Cable Locator 

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• Detects Signal up to 8 Feet Deep and Out to 5000 Feet
• Selectable Low (2 kHz) or High (33 kHz) Frequencies
• Lightweight Detection Wand
• Null and Peak Signal Detection
• Low Battery Indicator
• Optional Induction Clamp


Psiber - CableTool  Model 50  CableTool  MULTIFUNCTION CABLE METER: 
Cable Fault Locator
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Physical Characteristics 
Dimensions: 7.0 in. x 3.2 in. x 1.4 in.   178 mm x 81 mm x 36 mm 
Weight: 8.7 ounces (w/batteries)  247 grams

Accuracy: +/-2% plus +/-2 ft. (with correct NVP)Resolution: 1 foot or 0.2 meters Maximum: 2500 feet Minimum: 0 feet

Power Supply 
Four AA alkaline batteries (Included)
psiber Pinger Pinger: 
The Pinger Network IP Tester is an entirely new type of handheld test tool used for installing and maintaining computer Local Area Networks (LANs). The Pinger uses the powerful Ping function to verify connectivity, check transmitted and received data integrity, indicate network traffic loading by measuring Round Trip Time, notify of duplicate IP Address responses, provide the MAC address of an IP Address and warns when the default gateway can not be located. The Pinger identifies reversed polarity for improperly connected wire pairs and provides a Port Identification feature with selectable blink rates to identify which port on a hub or switch that a wall outlet is connected. The Pinger also provides a DHCP Client emulation feature that allows the unit to log on to the network, locate the DHCP server and then display the assigned IP address as well as the Gateway IP address and the Subnet Mask. If a Gateway is not used in the routing to the DHCP server, the IP address of the server is displayed.

The Pinger is an ideal tool for quickly testing proper LAN operation after completing a Move, Add or Change (MAC). Trouble calls are easily handled by verifying Link connection and running the Ping test. Resolve "I can not connect to the Internet" problems with the DHCP Client emulation mode that ensures a DHCP Server is available and then displays the assigned IP Address. Remote office support can be provided by connecting the Pinger to the LAN at the remote office trouble point and Pinging the unit over the Internet.
Network Tracker CableTracker Network ID Kit  
The CableTracker Network Tone and Probe Kit model CTK1015 is designed for network managers and technicians. Toning an active LAN circuit can disrupt network traffic and is difficult to track due to cable twist and tone bleed. The CableTracker Network Tone and Probe Kit features a Port ID function that blinks the link light verifying cable connectivity. This feature also provides a simple and effective method to identify switch or hub port assignments on active networks. Three different blink rates are provided to ensure compatibility with equipment from a wide range of manufacturers. Traditional toning with two different tone frequencies and patterns is provided for non-active circuit tracing.
LAN Master  30  Outlet Identifier LANMASTER   30 OUTLET IDENTIFIER  
The LanMaster 30 Outlet Identifier provides LAN/Telecom Installers and Maintainers a tool to quickly test an unknown wall outlet and identify the type of circuit. Connecting equipment to an unknown outlet can damage NICs, modems, telephones or test equipment that do not have a compatible electrical interface. Some PBX systems can provide voltage and current levels that far exceed the limits of telecom or network devices resulting in equipment failure when connected. Knowing the type of signals present at an outlet not only protects against equipment damage, but also reduces troubleshooting time finding physical layer problems. The LanMaster 30 scans all combinations of the eight wires connected to an RJ-45 outlet to identify the type of equipment connected to the far-end or warn of the detection of potentially harmful unknown signals. Identifying the outlet type with the unit eliminates guessing which is the correct outlet and wasting time tracing cables. In less than six seconds, the LanMaster 30 will identify a 10baseT Link, 100baseT Link, Token Ring Link, Analog Telephone Line, PBX Line, ISDN Line, warn of unidentified signals, or indicate no signals are present. The Model 30 even indicates when a 10/100 Ethernet Link is configured for Auto-negotiation. Managing network and telecom systems is easier and safer with a LanMaster 30

NET 1000  /  Net 1000RS  Data Clamp

NET 1000 / NET 1000RS   DATA CLAMP 
The Data Clamp's are the first non-intrusive instruments for testing active networks. Clip onto a cable, push a button and instantly you have critical network traffic information. With the connectionless Data Clamp, disconnecting cables to run tests is no longer required and you won't be crawling under a desk to verify that the network interface card is working. Troubleshooting has never been faster and/or easier.

The Data Clamp 1000 RS has a RS-232 interface, which along with the cable and software package supplied, allows downloading of measurements to a host computer.

The Data Clamp weighs less than eight ounces and can be carried in a shirt pocket making it an ideal tool for every troubleshooting call. Monitor instantaneous, average, and peak traffic or log network activity for up to 24 hours. The Data Clamp works with UTP, STP, and Coax cables on Ethernet and 4/16 Mbs Token Ring networks.


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