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Trilithic Signal Level Meters

Model 2  -  Signal Level Meter

The Model Two Signal Level Meter introduces many new features and enhancements. These include expanded FCC level testing, one-button programmable test sequences, a 50% increase in battery life (with fast charging), enlarged LCD screen and many others.  

Complete Model 2 Specs Here



  ToolBox Software for  Model 2

Configure your Model Twos, Upload data log records from your Model Two, Save records to one or more databases, View data logs from one or more data-bases, View and print one or more data logs in text or graphic format, Operate and save measurements made with your Model Two via the PC.


Model 2 Lite 

The Model Two Lite has been fine-tuned to the needs of the installer and small system operator. Performing the basic signal level, return ingress and system flatness tests needed for insuring signal integrity, the Model Two Lite is the ideal basic service instrument for maintaining small community distribution systems, and systems serving resorts, hotels and other large facilities.

Compare Features of Model 2 SLM to the Model 2 Lite




Trilithic TR-2  

This simple to use meter provides fast and efficient measurements including:

  • Signal level measurement
  • Tilt measurement to balance your system
  • Carrier-to-noise measurements
  • A voltmeter function
  • Extended battery life




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