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  Trilithic  -  Model 2 Lite

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MODEL 2 Lite 

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Complete Model 2 Lite Specs are Here


  • Standard 5 - 870 MHz Frequency Range 

  • Large, High Resolution Display 

  • Long Battery Life & Fast Charging 

  • Rugged, Simple-to-use & Cost Effective 

Built on the strengths of Trilithic's popular Model Two Signal Level Meter the new Model Two Lite has been fine-tuned to the needs of the installer and small system operator. Performing the basic signal level, return ingress and system flatness tests needed for insuring signal integrity, the Model Two Lite is the ideal basic service instrument for maintaining small community distribution systems, and systems serving resorts, hotels and other large facilities. 

The Model Two Lite shares the Model Two's long battery life, operating up to six hours on a single charge and recharging in less than three hours, even from vehicle power. 

Like the Model Two, the Model Two Lite is built for heavy use. Housed in a sturdy plastic enclosure, every Model Two Lite includes a padded sleeve, shipped at no additional cost. To protect the meter when it is not in use, every Model Two Lite includes a foam rubber-padded leather zipper case that holds the meter and all its accessories. 

With all these advantages, plus exceptional accuracy, tight temperature stability, wide measurement range and an unmatched price, the Model Two Lite is the best, most cost-effective installation meter you can buy today. 

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