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     Aavelin System          VIP -Video Information Player

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The Affordable, Stand-Alone Display Solution!

Wherever you need to display text messages and graphics on one or more monitors, the VIP can do it!

A dedicated message display device, the VIP is useful for community-access cable TV channels, hotel in-room information channels, lobby information displays, corporate communications, digital signage / retail advertising, and more. The VIP is simple to use and automatic. Ease of use allows the VIP to fulfill many applications without a costly installation/training procedure.

Sample Screens

The following images demonstrate the variety of uses for the VIP.


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The V.I.P. Unit

The VIP is a compact, low-cost unit featuring Composite, S-Video, and VGA outputs. It is small enough to go anywhere, and attractively packaged for a professional-looking installation. VIP models are available in a variety of capacities and with serial/modem or Ethernet connectivity.

The VIP unit provides everything necessary for video message playback -- All for less than the cost of a dedicated PC, software, and scan converter.

How it Works

All you need to generate messages is normally-equipped PC running Windows 95 or better, and optionally a digital camera or scanner for bringing in your own images.

Main Menu Screen Shot

To create your messages, use the included "VIP Composer" software to layout and sequence pages, and publish them to a floppy disk. Then, just place the disk in the VIP unit and it begins playing automatically. Or, for more sophisticated applications, you can publish to remote units via modem or over your corporate LAN or even the internet.

The V.I.P. Composer Software

The included VIP Composer software allows you to build pages by placing text over any image source. Choose from our own library of backgrounds, or use your own scans or digital snapshots. For more advanced artistic capabilities, we offer the optional VIP Composer Professional software.

Layout Screen ShotColor Selector Screen Shot

Each page has its own individual settings, including the ability to schedule the page by date, day of week, and time of day. You can use any standard .BMP or .jpg image as the background, and any TrueType font installed on your machine for the text.

Time Domain Screen ShotPage Properties Screen Shot

Once pages are created, they may be sequenced in any order. The final sequence may then be output to a floppy disk for display on the VIP unit, or sent via modem or Ethernet. The average capacity is about 30 images on a floppy, while other models are available with larger capacities of over 150 images.

Page List Screen Shot

Available Now!

The MagicBox VIP is now shipping! Please contact Coast CATV Equipment Supply for additional details regarding pricing and availability.




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