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     Aavelin System          VIP -Video Information Player

Look Into the Future of Digital Signage
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Digital Signage and Video Messaging Just Got a Whole Lot Simpler


  • Aavelin. Different than any digital signage system you've seen.

    For one thing, it's affordable. For another, it's probably the easiest system to use on the market. Use your own Windows PC to create messages, and let the dedicated Aavelin player unit run your show. No need to tie up a PC all the time. Use the Aavelin Composer software to create dynamic digital messages. It takes just minutes, and you can update as often as you'd like.
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Digital Signage
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Video Messaging


  • Control external video and beyond...

    With the new Aavelin RT, you have the added ability to overlay Aavelin's crawl messages on top of live incoming video, and to control Adtec MPEG players for the playback of digital video clips. The Aavelin RT can even convert incoming analog video to VGA for edge-to-edge display on plasma monitors and LCDs.

  • Loaded with deluxe features.

    No other digital signage system gives you all of these great features in one complete package:

    • Dynamic transitions and effects
    • Large capacity for many pages
    • Easy scheduling of pages
    • Supports a variety of resolutions
    • Output to Plasma, VGA, or Video
    • Video Overlay (Aavelin RT)
    • Incoming video to VGA conversion (Aavelin RT)
    • External MPEG Playback Control (Aavelin RT)
    • Optional weather display, VTR/DVD control


  • You're the designer.

    All you need is your own Windows PC. You create pages using your own fonts and graphics from just about any software, or just use the hundreds of images included with the Aavelin Composer software. Then schedule your pages exactly how you'd like.
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Compose for any type of display.
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Use your own images and TrueType fonts.
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Schedule pages by date, day of week, and time.


  • Aavelin's Composer software is 100% intuitive

    One of our easiest-to-use systems yet! Create pages by picking a background and typing text directly onto the screen. Select exciting transitions, enter crawling messages, and select your schedule. Import graphics and text from other Windows applications. All with a simple, mouse-driven interface. Then just click on "Publish" and have your content sent automatically to one or more player units in the field. Aavelin Composer makes it fast, easy, and productive!


  • Sign on.

    Need great, changeable signage at every store or location? With Aavelin, it's yours. Control multiple screens from one or many locations. Make changes in content and scheduling in minutes. Aavelin units have built-in networking, plus support for modems and removable media.


  • Get the word out.

    For advertising. For promotion. For schedules and events. All composed right on your own PC, and up and running in minutes.
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  • Retail Advertising
  • Corporate Communications
  • Hotel Channels
  • Cable TV
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Sporting Venues
  • Golf Courses
  • Casinos


  • High Performance

    The Aavelin playback unit uses a revolutionary multi-threaded media operating system for maximum performance.

    Transitions and crawl lines glide smoothly without the glitches and interruptions typical of Windows-based messaging systems.

    (You only use your Windows PC for creation and publishing. The dedicated player unit takes over from there, and your PC is free for other uses.)


  • On the Web!

    With the optional Aavelin Composer "HTML" software, your presentations can automatically be turned into web pages for display on your corporate LAN or web server. Reach a wider audience with no hassle.


  • Sample Pages

    The following images were created in just minutes using the Aavelin Composer software.
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Corporate Communications
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Retail Point-Of-Sale
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Cable Television

Available Now!

The MagicBox  is now shipping!  Please contact Coast CATV Supply for additional details regarding pricing and availability.




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